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Industry Ready

Looking for a studio that’s comfortable, private, convenient, and run by an actual music industry professional? Then look no further than Eye&istudios. We’re your one-stop-shop for all the recording services you require. Our strong suits for Genres being Hip-hop, Rap, and Pop. Whatever your musical style may be, our studio and passionate engineers will help make your sound come to life.

This Picture is taken in a studio in California, As "Eye&i Studios" Anthony (Lousho) is working with Columbia record's artist Cochise and Lil Uzi's Engineer Ben thomas

Meet Anthony 

Dedicated and Passionate


Anthony Christopher

Studio Manager

  • Produced and Engineered for Artist’s on Columbia Records and 10k projects

  • Music productions Culminating over 41.5 million views on Spotify alone.

  • Featured productions on Tv Show “Adult Swim” and Video game “Rocket League” which is played by over 90 million people in 2023.

  • Cultivated strong relationships with clients through effective communication and understanding their unique needs.

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